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Our Military is NOT an equal opportunity employer

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  • Our Military is NOT an equal opportunity employer

    Tom Maloney shared a post.

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    Outstanding thoughts. Where has America's reasoning gone??

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    April 6 at 10:25pm

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    If our military accepts everyone, then it will not be an effective fighting force.

    Should our military accept older Citizens ? How would an 90 year old soldier even pass boot camp, let alone fight in a war?

    What if our military accepted people with very low IQ's. Many of these people can not even flip hamburgers, let alone learn the skills needed to survive in a war.

    Our Military will not accept anyone with an IQ less than 83. They certainly want all the soldiers they can get, especially during war time. But they have found by experience, that people with IQ's less than 83 take more time to train then they contribute. They can not be trained to be able to survive a war. It would be unfair to our nation and to them.

    Certainly if our military accepted transgenders, they would take more time off having sex change operations then the time they would contribute to our fighting force.

    Our military is not a welfare organization, they are a fighting force to protect out nation.


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      For anyone who might have missed this.