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Can a person be anti-Zionism and not anti-Semitic

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  • Can a person be anti-Zionism and not anti-Semitic

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    Glen sent me this reply to this video:

    Glen B Smith
    To:Lou Newton

    Feb 1 at 2:52 AM

    Can a person be anti-Zionism and not anti-Semitic?

    May I suggest a historical study of Zionism and its tenets.

    Modern Israel exists to a significant degree because of Zionism.

    The politics of Zionism are dominate in the government of Israel.

    Antisemitism existed for centuries before there existed the Zionist movement (19th century) or the State of Israel (1948). For people to be antisemitic does not require the State of Israel.

    During the late Ottoman Empire up through WWII most Moslems of the Middle East lived in harmony, side by side, with Jews.

    Many modern orthodox Jews are antizionist and hold to the idea that Israel is an apostate state.

    Are these Jews antisemitic?

    Zionism opposes the principles of Christian discipleship (obedience to the Lord Jesus).

    Christian discipleship opposes antisemitism.

    Of course, if one reads into Romans 9,10, & 11 predetermined ideas about the State of Israel and Jews, as does the Seventh Day Adventist and the dispensationalist , then it matters not what the facts are about Zionism.


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      I do not personally support socialism in the U.S.but that doesn't make me antisocial.


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        Me too Fisherman