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  • Using the name Jesus

    Glen B Smith
    To:Lou Newton

    May 20 at 11:28 AM

    Using the name Jesus.

    The name Jesus is not used to name children in many languages. It is considered a holy name, inappropriate for any but the Son of God. However, in Spanish the name Jesús is often used without any qualms.

    Possible explanations for this difference.

    Spain and Portugal were both under Islamic occupation and rule from about 710 A.D. to 1610 A.D. In Islam, it is common to name children after Mohammed, the key figure in their religion. It seems likely that this influenced the Christians of the occupied territory to name their children after the key figure of their religion.

    Jesús might also be a transference of the surname “de Jesús” to a first name. The evolving use from last name to first name in Hispanic countries may have played a role.

    The name of Mary has a similar history of being considered too holy for common usage in Ireland.

    This use in language difference is inherited through the culture without any recognition as being peculiar or different from other cultures by those provincial to these societies. Such an inheritance is a presupposition – which is knowledge or beliefs inherited through just being a person within a culture. Just by existing all people inherit presuppositions even while denying any previous knowledge about something. Presuppositions exist in cultures and do not require there to be intentional learning because the ideas are absorbed through the cultural ideas communicated through the spoken language, literature, news, entertainment, stories, movies, organizations, expectations, standards, rules, advertising, art, participation, friends, family, religion, politics, etc. Because presuppositions are part of the fabric of culture many remain unaware of their presuppositions and may even deny having them

    Whether one thinks it is acceptable or unacceptable to name a child Jesus is an inherited cultural presupposition.

    20 May 2019 old scribe