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Ken Ham's replica ark

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  • Ken Ham's replica ark

    Glen sent me this email:

    Glen B Smith
    To:Lou Newton

    Jan 10 at 3:06 AM

    Ken Ham's replica ark and other spiritual replicas

    I have no objection to a replica ark on land. I would benefit from expiring the perspective of his similar size "boat/building."

    The experience might help me better understand the context of what Noah experienced.

    My humble objection is to the creation literalism as explained by Ken Ham.

    I don't see how what he does proclaims the gospel in a modern world. To me, but not to all, he comes across as a foolish fanatic.

    There is already a decrease in Americans who believe the Bible is divine revelation (23%) compared to those who believe it is legend, myth, and the ideas of ancient men (27%). How believers frame the biblical content is very relevant to gaining the ear of a populace who believes there is evolution rather than creation. I suspect this loss of belief in the Bible in part is due to the dominance of radio and TV presentations by the religious programing of fundamentalist evangelicals. They discredit the Bible.

    I noticed Jim Bakker of the infamous Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker duo has returned to "Christian" broadcasting. Jim Bakker is again selling promises. I suppose if Marcus Lamb and Jimmy Swaggart recovered from their worldliness, why should Jim Bakker not reap similar gullible dollars?

    I wonder, if when Adam fell, did he also become gullible since most the world appears to suffer delusions?

    10 January 2020 the old scribe

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    I debated Ken Ham on a web site me and Glen both used to post on. In fact ,that is where I met Glen. I found Ken Ham to be rude and arrogant. He seemed to think much of himself and little of others. I was simply stunned by his ignorance in science, the subject he claimed to be an expert in.

    My son watched a debate between Ken ham and Bill Nye the science guy. He said he was ashamed of the way Ham defended Christianity. He said Nye looked way more knowledgeable than Ham. That is terrible considering Nye is an atheist who is very ignorant and arrogant himself.

    My son said Ham made Christians look like fools. The real problem is that most people think all Christians agree with Ham, Even worse they think the Bible agrees with Ham.