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Is the left or right causing the gap between them

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  • Is the left or right causing the gap between them

    I received this email from Glen:

    Glen B Smith
    To:lou newton

    Jan 24 at 10:59 PM

    For a moment stop thinking about the discord between the right and the left, and just consider the widening gap between the two positions. What is causing the widening gap or the disparity between positions on issues? Whose positions are becoming more radicle – the right or the left?

    The right is conservative. The conservative positions support established institutions and ideas. Conservatives change very slowly by moving slightly to the left. Change in conservative ideas occurs slowly over extended periods of time. The right is not widening the gap with the left but actually becomes more liberal. Conservatives place a high value on social constraints so as to preserve an orderly society while opposing other kinds of government constraints. With each liberal victory the conservative is dragged into defending the next social constraint under attack by far-left liberals.

    Nearly all of the widening gap between right and left occurs with the left moving increasingly farther to the left. Liberalism exalts social liberty above all else. Liberalism does this under the guise of pretending to care about people, especial people whose liberty is constricted. Restraints oppose liberty. The far-left social liberal constantly opposes constraints imposed by religion, morality, law, family, and community. Liberals seek to remove the constraints nearest to themselves. When a constraint is removed there always will be the next constraint to attack. Thereby, liberalism, by its nature, will always be moving toward a more radical position against the next social constraint. Far-left liberals consider their opposition to constraints on social liberty the high moral ground. However, Liberals like Harry Truman and Hillary Clinton would not recognize each other's high moral ground.

    Accordingly, all of the polarization between the left and right in politics and social issue is the result of liberals moving farther to the left while the conservative right moves incrementally, very slowly to the left.

    Polarization is due to liberals moving farther left faster than significant segments of society.

    24 January 2020 the old scribe