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Is the Book of Enoch from God ?

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  • Is the Book of Enoch from God ?

    Why are people afraid of the Book of Enoch?

    Lou Newton, former Steel Mill Crane Designer and Physics Teacher

    I do not fear the book of Enoch, but I also do not believe it is from God.

    First of all Enoch could not write because men had not invented language yet. So it was not written by Enoch. It could have been handed down from generation to generation verbally.

    I read the book and it seems as it was written by many different authors who kept adding to it over a period of time.

    It was not accepted by the Jews as being from God. It was not included in the cannon by Christians later. It is not quoted by Jesus. It simply does not seem to agree with the rest of the Holy Scriptures. It obviously seems to be from men and not God.