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Is the CCP Virus Over ?

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  • Is the CCP Virus Over ?

    This video reveals really strong evidence that the CCP virus was created in a lab:

    1 - The CCP virus binds to the HUMAN ACE2 receptor more STRONGLY than it does to any animal receptor including bats. IF it came from bats it should bind to bats receptor cells more strongly than humans.

    2 - The CCP virus has a furin cleavage site that it's closest bat Cornavirus , RATG-13 does NOT have. That is almost impossible to happen in nature in a few years.

    More and more scientists are saying this virus was created in a lab.

    This video shows the real problem that is causing these riots. Police brutality is real and terrible, but it is the spark. The real problem is what caused the anger of the poor in the first place:

    1 - The Federal Reserve is the real problem. They have gave quantitative easing to the extreme rich for decades now.

    0.1 % ( that is one tenth of one percent) has as much wealth and the lower 90% of the people in this nation. That will cause real problems whenever this takes place in a nation. The Federal Reserve needs to be audited. RFK wanted to do this and he was killed 5 days later.