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Jordan Peterson medical ordeal that almost killed him

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  • Jordan Peterson medical ordeal that almost killed him

    What happened to Jordan Peterson, he took the advise of his doctor. You think taking the most popular medical advise is OK. Watch what happened to this Dr who had done a lot of medical research. He went through hell for many months. He is sure very sorry he ever took the treatment he was advised to take. So after watching this you may not want to take the medical treatment you are advised to take.

    I was told in the hospital about a year ago that I had to have an emergency surgery immediately or I would die. I well remember the doctor telling me if i did not consent to the surgery right away that the next time he saw me would be reading my grave stone. I decided as he was speaking that there was no way I was going to be treated in that hospital. I walked out a few minutes later. I have never had any further treatment for this condition and I have no further problem and I feel great.