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Why Was 536 A.D The Worst Year In History?

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  • Why Was 536 A.D The Worst Year In History?

    We have Politicians, and world leaders, shutting down our economies; claiming they are doing so to save lives. But even the UN, which the WHO is part of, claims that these shutdowns will cause 250 million people to starve to death. Causing the death of 250 million to save 2 million makes no sense. It is becoming more and more clear that these shutdowns are not about Covid. They want to bring down our Republic. That is also what the riots are about, not social justice. The Republic of the US stands in the way of global government. The largest standing army in the world is the gun owners of the US. They want to disarm the citizens of the US.

    But what if a natural disaster on a scale those living have never seen before, or even read about, takes place in this time. These leaders will have set the people of the US up for a disaster that has neve been seen in modern times.

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