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  • Derivatives Bailout

    This is huge. I don't know how much attention this is getting across the board. CNN reported a little, the alternative media was all over it.

    In the recent $1.1 trillion appropriations bill, the issues thrust into the public's face were immigration reform and Obamacare. Behind that smokescreen, this derivatives bailout provision appears to be the sneaking thing.

    It is enlightening that our government claims it has to take on this level of risk in order to kick the can down the road a little more: i.e. enable banks to inflate the debt bubble so the currency and central banking system don't collapse.

    Obviously the US tax payers couldn't possibly bail out central banking. Even the whole world can't. The derivatives market is many times the size of the global product. This is only a stopgap to postpone a cascading failure when banks take on more debt and make bad bets in the derivatives casino. (Banks *must* take on more debt. The malignant growth is now part of the patient's vital physiology. This recalls my words about removing the deadly parasite, Social Security.)

    When the derivatives bubble eventually pops, everything is coming down that depends on the dollar. I don't see how it can be prevented. Men way smarter than me have said the same. Think housing bubble--of the industrial planet-killer class.

    I'm wary of the InfoWars paradigm, but if you can pick out the facts these are alarming.

    House Passes Government Funding Bill with Bankster Derivatives Bailout Provision
    Preparation for the next bankster bailout

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    There is a generous portion more explanation in this video:

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