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Lou is traveling with his son.

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  • Lou is traveling with his son.

    Lou is with his son traveling to North Carolina to assist with the move, so he should be back soon and will post when he is able. He has no access to email or internet. Please pray for a safe trip. ..... Steve

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    Thanks, Steve. I will. Have a safe trip, Lou.


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      Thanks for the prayers guys. we spent Sunday hitching the trailer and loading it. We drove down to North Carolina Monday; I drove my son's 500 HP Mustang GT. But following his Jeep pulling the trailer took longer. His wife drove his Audi down.

      Tuesday Brant showed me the place he had leased to start his new restaurant and the house they were planning on buying. The seller did not repair the things he agreed to repair and I pointed out that the house had been treated for termites and it was a fairly new house. He had ordered a termite inspection and his Realtor told him they did not see any termites. But if that was so , then why did they pay $1300 for treatment and bond.

      We could see we were not being told the truth and that was what made us alarmed. So we had another termite inspector come to the house and look at it Wednesday. He told us that 95% of the houses in NC have had termites or will soon get them. Termites were found but the damage was very little and he wrote a Contractors Bond that the house was sound. So they bought the house.

      We put his two cars in the garage and the motorcycle that was in trailer in the other garage. We then left about 4 PM.

      It was crowded with three people in the Jeep pulling the empty trailer back home. We did not get back till 3 AM and so I am going to bed now.

      I spent the hours on the way down in prayer. I am very thankful for the safe trip and the house working out.

      The Lord was full of mercy and grace.