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Battle of Midway started on June 4th, 1942

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  • Battle of Midway started on June 4th, 1942

    On this day, June 4th, 74 years ago the naval and air battle that was the turning point of WW2 in the Pacific, started.

    Our Navy was far outnumbered and we had little chance of turning back Japan.

    But by many miracles that took place, one after the other, the US Navy aircraft sunk 5 Japanese carriers.

    I was an agnostic, but studying this battle made me realize that there had to be a God. There was no way all of the miracles that took place for us to win the battle could take place by chance.

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      Thanks Fisherman. These men caused a distraction that they did not plan at all. They drew all of the Zero's down to low level and when the dive bombers got there there were no Zero's to intercept them. The dive bombers sunk the Japanese carriers.

      The video below shows what took place with the torpedo bombers.


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        1st miracle that brought victory at Midway:

        While Obama gives away the store to negotiate treaties, FDR was preparing for war with those that showed they could be enemies.

        The US was working on breaking the Japanese codes way before the war started. This was a step that saved our nation.

        Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on Dec 7, 1941 and they attacked Midway on June 4, 1942. That is only six months from the start of the war to Midway. Even with the head start, the mathematical odds of breaking the code were millions to one.

        BUT by a miracle, or should I say a series of miracles, the US broke the Japanese code before they attacked Midway.

        SO the US navy knew the exact time and place Japan would attack. Further the US knew exactly what ships and how many ships Japan would attack with. This was a huge advantage.

        But even with this advantage alone, the US had no chance of victory.

        2nd miracle:

        US Navy submarines stationed to be the right place when the Japanese fleet passed spotted the fleet and sent a message to Pearl harbor. The miracle here is that the sub was not spotted by the Japanese fleet.

        A PBY flying boat also spotted the exact position of the fleet WITHOUT BEING SPOTTED BY THE JAPANESE.

        Miracle # 3

        The Japanese Captain in charge of air operations ordered all the carriers to fit the planes with bombs to attack Midway Island. This Captain was a very good officer and had not made many mistakes up to that point. But here he got greedy and made a mistake that cost Japan 5 carriers. He should have only had 2 or 3 carriers attack Midway and held two or three in reserve. So when our planes got there he had no carriers that could launch planes to defend the fleet.

        He had no idea where our carriers were at this point. BUT IT JUST SO HAPPENED THAT A JAPANESE PATROL PLANE SPOTTED OUR THREE CARRIERS AT THIS TIME. When the Captain got the message he ordered all planes to switch from bombs to torpedoes to attack the US carriers. So during this short time of a few minutes the Japanese carriers were very vulnerable because their decks were covered with bombs being taken off and torpedoes being loaded on.

        Miracle #4

        Our Torpedo bombers got there at that exact time. They were very slow and so were very easy targets for the Zeros. BUT this worked in our`favor ( but caused the sacrifice of the lives of the men that flew them). The Zero pilots were greedy for "kills' because they all wanted to become aces. So all of the Zeros came down from high altitude to attack the low flying US torpedo bombers.

        Miracle # 5
        The US dive bombers had missed the Japanese fleet and finally realized it and turned around. They got there at the EXACT TIME the Zeros were down low and shooting down our torpedo bombers. Further, they were coming from the opposite direction and the Japanese were focusing on our torpedo bombers. There were no Zeros to shoot them down and the carrier decks were covered with bombs, torpedoes, and fuel tanks. They scored direct hits and sunk 5 carriers. This could have never took place with the small bombs that dive bombers carry unless they got there when the Japanese carrier decks were covered with bombs and torpedoes and fuel tanks. It was Japanese bombs, torpedoes and fuel tanks that sunk their own carriers. Our small bombs only set them off.

        Our torpedo bombers were very slow and even worse they had to slow down to 115 MPH to release the torpedo. The Zero had a top speed of 350 MPH and the Devastators were sitting ducks. BUT this fact drew the greedy Zero pilots down to low altitude. They knew they could get a kill. Further the US torpedo was defective but not known by either side yet. 41 Devastators took off from our three carriers and only six returned. They did not score one hit. BUT they were the distraction that took the attention off of our dive bombers so they could get through.

        The Japanese feared the torpedoes and not the dive bombers, ( torpedoes weigh 2000# while the bombs were 500#) because their torpedo bombers sank the battleships at Pearl and also sank three of our carriers. But it was the dive bombers that sunk their carriers.

        This is just the main miracles that took place during this battle. Read about it is detail and you will see that God was with the US Navy as much as He was with the army of Israel in the OT.


        For instance, if our planes got there at that time, BUT the Japanese patrol plane had not spotted our carriers and reported it to the Fleet, then the US dive bombers would have had little effect. For the decks would not have been covered with bombs and torpedoes. The Japanese bombers would have already taken off and the decks would have been clear to launch more Zeros.

        I am a mathematician and I can tell you that the odds of these things all taking place at the right time were many billions to one and maybe trillions to one.
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