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Why I invest in firearms

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  • Why I invest in firearms

    I have copied an ad from a email I received today, below:

    This is an ad for a semi auto military rifle that I bought years ago. I paid $99 for it and it was like new and had never been issued to troops. My rifle is worth considerably more than the one in the Ad because it has a milled receiver instead a stamped one.

    You see that today that same rifle sells for $430. If I had saved the money instead, what would $99 buy today after our Federal Reserve has printed trillions of dollars that have deflated the value of my dollars. Read below the ad to see why this rifle has a lot of value today.

    Yugoslavian SKS Rifle - Very Good to Excellent Condition - 7.62x39 - C&R Eligible

    Availability: In Stock

    | Item #: LNGYUGO-SKS-VGE
    MPN: YUGO-SKS-VGE | Email to a Friend

    275 Reviews | Add Your Review

    Rifle, Historic Yugoslavian M59/66 SKS rifle, semi-automatic, manufactured in the famous Zastava Plant - 7.62x39 caliber - Very Good to Excellent Condition.
    Make sure to read Brutus' Description below for full details on condition of the rifles and accessories. Rifle is not California compliant.

    Yugoslavian SKS Unboxing Video SKS Cosmoline Cleaning Video
    • This item is not available to ship to the following state(s): California
    For Your Consideration
    • Hand Select for Cosmetic Condition+$20.00

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    1 - Cash is more liquid than guns and so it is more easily spent for a need. The gun takes a little more effort and time to sell and therefore I have a tendency to hang onto them longer than cash.

    2- If I have the cash in the bank they can simply close the bank ( as they did back in the depression) and I can not get my money. Also I am concerned we will wake up some morning to see that our money has been changed, devalued, or simply the government took a certain % of every account to cover some cost.

    3 - people who saved cash back in Germany in the 1930's had millions saved to have that cash devalued until it was worth so little it was not worth crossing the street to withdraw. Millions became worth less than a penny in value.

    4 - Cash is only green paper with no real value.

    5 - The gun has a real value that will not change

    6 - This gun in particular I found had a value even beyond what most perceive:
    a - It is a semi auto that fires 30 cal round that is powerful, yet it has little recoil because of the gas operation.
    b- that round is readily available and cheap because it is the same round the AK-47 fires
    c - it is powerful enough to hunt large game and legal to hunt deer with. They use it in Africa to kill Elephants.
    d - Because it has a wood stock it is more PC than the AK or other black rifles that are hated by liberals
    e - in fact you do not need to have a dealers license to buy this rifle by only a historical weapons permit
    f - because it is not fed from a detachable magazine it will not be affected if they ban these magazines
    g - this rifle does not attract unwanted attention like the AR of AK.
    h - it holds 10 rounds and that is enough for most conditions. 10 more rounds can be quickly loaded with a stripper clip.
    i - because it is Russian designed it is very durable and reliable. The Russian make very good guns. Farmers who have no mechanical knowledge have used these guns for over 60 years without them failing. This also is without hardly any care taken of them.
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