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  • A message from Glen of Dallas

    Glen sent me this email today:

    Until the killing of police by blacks ends for a full year –

    Americans should boycott every successful black person

    in an effort to pressures them to speak out against the murder of policemen.

    This should include all professional and college sports

    (attending games or watching on TV so to influence sponsors),

    movies, music, TV, entertainment, ministers, churches, schools and colleges,

    professionals (doctors, layers, accountants, etc.), and businesses.

    When their success and money are at stake they may exert their influence

    on the black culture of the retaliatory, terrorist murder of policemen.

    This is voting with your dollar.

    A significant drop in the participation of Americans with successful blacks

    should make them experience the consequences of blacks murdering policemen.

    This is not meant to support violence by police upon blacks

    but to address terrorism against the innocent.

    Of course, Americans should already be participating in this boycott with Muslims.

    If you don’t speak up when it matters, speaking up doesn’t matter.
    I think Glen's message would be better understood by some if the last sentence read "boycott OF Muslims".

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    This is a practical and wise suggestion.


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      With all due respect - I thoroughly and totally disagree with this line of reasoning. The equivalent of this suggestion would have been to call for a boycott of all successful, white-owned businesses in the 50's and 60's because of what certain, radical hate groups such as the KKK, Aryan nation and neo-Nazis were doing to people who were not 'white Christians'.


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        Originally posted by Baruch View Post
        This is a practical and wise suggestion.
        Fisherman wrote: With all due respect - I thoroughly and totally disagree with this line of reasoning. The equivalent of this suggestion would have been to call for a boycott of all successful, white-owned businesses in the 50's and 60's because of what certain, radical hate groups such as the KKK, Aryan nation and neo-Nazis were doing to people who were not 'white Christians'.
        I think you have a very good point Fisherman, and it needed to be brought up. But there may be some differences in this case. But you are certainly correct we do not want to show a prejudice behavior to anyone. Unjust behavior is just that, unjust.

        I can remember when the KKK and neo-nazi were persecuting blacks. But I also remember many whites joining in the protest against their actions. I think most whites were against the KKK, and these groups, and they let it be known. I know I was only a child and I voiced my opposition to ill treatment of blacks.

        I think it would have been proper to boycott any establishment that supported these groups like the KKK. Blacks certainly did boycott many establishments during this time.

        Today there are a few black establishments that are voicing opposition to black on white violence, or black violence against police. It also seems like the extreme minority of blacks that are doing so.

        It seems to me that the whole Black lives matter is a racist approach to the problem. It is not only blacks that are treated as guilty when some cops has a suspicion that they have committed a crime. BUT I know many policemen that do NOT act this way toward anyone. They treat everyone with respect and like they are innocent until proven guilty. Even after someone is proven guilty in a court of law, these same policemen treat the criminal with respect as a human being, and not like scum.

        I also know other policemen that treat anyone they suspect of a wrong doing like scum and even call them scum. Some police that have a "warrior" mentality need to change. All police should act as public servants that are there to protect and serve. The problem is not black vs white, or even cops vs citizens, it is just behavior vs unjust behavior.

        Louis Farrakhan encouraged right from his public pulpit for 10,000 black men to take action against the police and whites. Obama did not have him arrested or even investigated. What black man spoke out against this preaching. Hillary certainly had to be aware of Farrakhan's request for violence and she said nothing against him.

        I seen videos of "black lives matter" groups marching down the street chanting, "pigs in a blanket, fry them in bacon". I do not claim to understand this chant, but I can see it is not right. Certainly that would encourage violence against the police. This was disgusting to watch.

        So many are trying to straddle the fence on this issue. Jesus said if you are not for him then you are against Him.

        I think it is also true that if someone does not stand against injustice, then they are supporting it by not doing so.

        Even if someone is not standing against injustice, that is their right to do so. I would certainly support their right to a peaceful life and say no one has the right to do violence against them. But it is also the right of others to boycott those people. For that is peaceful behavior. But everyone should be very careful to make sure they are not persecuting someone who has stood against this violence.

        This is why the only way to walk in a righteous manner is to follow The Holy Spirit. He will never tell you to do wrong.

        Obama has encouraged racism even before he was elected. He supported that blacks should be paid for the injustice of slavery.

        Slavery is NOT a black vs white issue. It is an evil vs righteousness issue.

        The Portuguese built trade posts on the coasts of Africa to trade for items that was not available in Europe. It was black Africans that captured other black Africans and offered them for sale to the Portuguese. This was a very evil act and it was also a very evil act to buy them. It was also evil for the Americans and others who purchased these human beings like cattle.

        But the first man to own a black slave in the US was NOT white, but he was a black man. There were plenty of white men that followed this evil practice. They have to answer to The Lord Jesus for their sin.

        But many whites did not buy slaves and STOOD AGAINST IT. Many white men joined the union army and died fighting to free the slaves.

        Some blacks mistreated and beat their fellow black slaves so they would get preferential treatment. Some tried to protect their fellow slaves.

        It is NOT black vs white. It is evil vs righteousness.

        The only way to walk in righteousness is to follow His Holy Spirit.

        So in all of these matters we should confess our sin, our blindness, and our lack of wisdom to The Lord of all mercy and ask Him to guide us and then give us strength to do His will.

        What are your thoughts about these things ?


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          I agree with some of what you wrote Lou.

          There have been many serious and terrible injustices rendered onto others over the centuries, namely, involuntary servitude, war, despotism, racism, etc. And it's my opinion that all of these are the direct result of our sinful nature.

          I agree with what you wrote,
          The only way to walk in righteousness is to follow His Holy Spirit. So in all of these matters we should confess our sin, our blindness, and our lack of wisdom to The Lord of all mercy and ask Him to guide us and then give us strength to do His will.
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            Very well said Lou.


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              Fair comments, guys. Here is why I think it is wise. After reading these comments I still do.

              My thoughts have nothing to do with ethnicity. This movement is communist backed; the forces at work are the same that have sparked civil uprisings in South America. There are very deep pockets involved. I read that BLM is receiving around $500 million in backing. That is one half billion dollars. This movement is bought and paid for. Its founders and leadership have connections to organizations that embrace ideologies that America has fought to contain or abolish within its borders.

              There are also many "bleeding hearts", who are very obviously deceived, contributing no small funds.

              BLM has made it about race. There is no denying that. Whites do not have a voice, they are identified as the enemy.

              Nevertheless, many white youths are joining this thing, thinking it is a just cause of the oppressed.

              I don't deny that blacks are oppressed. But so are whites. Everyone is.

              I am reminded of the movie The Shawshank Redemption, a prison drama. For good behavior the inmates were given one-hour passes to spend outside in the open air. The guards allowed a bully to shake down fellow inmates to steal their pass. They did this to make the bully the object of the inmate's anger; but it also carried the mystique that the bully was favored by the guards, and it would be unwise to upset the order so they suffered it in grudging silence. To the viewer this dynamic was made obvious. Even though the guards and the warden should enforce fairness - that is the spirit of the law, is it not? - the bully was allowed to rob, and the guards punished inmates who sought to stop the predation. This is how BLM is manipulated into seeing its fellow inmates of white color, and right now especially cops. The cops are not even on the level of the movie prison guards: they are being told by their superiors that they will be protected, but their public image as a whole is being trashed. The unjust so-called federal government is the evil prison system (this is no turn of phrase, actually; closer to the truth that most suspect), yet very few inmates recognize that it is those in power who have skillfully and nefariously manipulated their situation.

              The Obama regime is complicit in this uprising. It has the blood of cops and black youths on its hands. It has been caught fanning animosity. Its inaction with the likes of Farrakhan and other imams is damning. It does nothing when the leader of the Black Panthers is on video, repeatedly, railing about "you're gonna have to kill some cracker babies", bomb nurseries, etc. Yet the FBI raids some white kid's house for posting a stupid "micro-aggression" blurb on Facebook. Well, clearly some folks' speech is freer than others. This is outrageous all by itself, but that's not all...

              Its policies have been instrumental in building police departments prone to the kinds of problems we see in some areas (and note, not every city has such rampant problems). Its policies also, frankly, keep the black man down; it is cliche, but true. The media does the so-called government's work, telling its watchers what to think, who to hate and why. Obama had a face-to-face with the leader of BLM a few days before this "day of rage"; a miscreant gets the privilege of meeting a potus for a one-on-one? A petition was entered to name BLM as a terrorist organization: two days ago the Obama regime flatly declined to do so. Cops are being murdered. Clearly this criminal government has plans for BLM.

              It is very clear that the feds want to federalize local law enforcement. Local LEs under direct federal control would be very bad for you and me. This is obviously one of the feds' plans through manufactured crises such as BLM. They have been setting this up for several years now, by encouraging local police to militarize.

              That brings us to these icons of black American culture. They have worked hard and given much to make a name for themselves, and image, a fan base. You are responsible for what you create! This is a maxim of law.

              There are black performers who openly support BLM, such as Beyonce who is a cheerleader for it. Who knows, she may be penning a battle anthem for them. Black people who have achieved in life are in a position to speak to black youth who look up to them (it is a shame of the parents that they do not have this kind of influence over their children). I cannot do it: as I said, I am the enemy who has nothing they want to hear. These iconic people who have worked hard to gain influence need to be put on the spot to influence for righteousness for all. They need to be held accountable for their actions and inaction: is the name, image and influence they've created used to build or destroy?

              There are three competing sentiments: black lives matter, all lives matter, and no live matter. The former is of this militant black group who only think of themselves. The middle is of the people who declare we should look out for everybody, because everyone has rights. The last one is of a small group of people who know there is a cabal that doesn't care about black, white, or all lives: slaves are expendable. I'll give ya one guess which group I think the Obama regime falls into.

              I have no problem with ethnic pride, purity, heritage. I have no problem with people who are not like me. In fact, I rather like being around them and appreciate our differences. Anyone who knows me knows that I look past the surface. Ironically, when I'm vocal about something I see I am pegged as a shallow man. I recognize that this is only a tactic. An alarmingly successful one.

              We're under attack by some very accomplished manipulators. We need to get wise with counter tactics.
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                I forgot to mention, these same performers were very spirited in wielding their influence for the gay/queer movement. That might have been a good time to pressure them by boycotting. But people are a bit less motivated by squishy morals than by fear of death.