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What gun control does to a nation

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  • What gun control does to a nation

    This is the difference between a Switzerland that requires every able male to possess and train with a full auto assault rifle

    and Honduras that bans it's citizens to own guns.

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    Right on, Lou. High tech has empowered organized crime, colloquially called governments, tremendously. But it still is no match for a fully armed population.


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      Amen Barry. But the resolve to do something comes from a deeper place.


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        Thanks Barry and Steve.

        Mexico is an example of a nation that has banned it's citizens from owning firearms.

        The people there are caught between the criminal drug cartels and the corrupt local, state, and federal governments.

        Drug cartels have full auto assault rifles, ( they do not obey the law) while the people have no weapons to protect themselves. Drug cartels will slaughter whole families and even whole towns that do something to displease the cartel.

        The government officials who have the duty to protect the people are often sold out to the cartel and do nothing to protect the people.

        When some official decides to buck the cartel there is a war with the people caught in the middle.

        The cartels and the government has all the power. The people have no power, so no one considers them important.

        This is the result of a nation where the government does not recognize the right of the people to own firearms to protect themselves.

        The 2nd amendment of the Bill of Rights does NOT give us the right to own firearms.

        The 2nd amendment simply states that no government has the right to take away the weapons of the people and recognizes the people have a God given right to own and posses firearms to defend themselves from tyrants.