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The tank that defeated Hitler

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  • The tank that defeated Hitler

    This is a very worthwhile video. It shows a lot of history about WW2. It shows that is was Russia that took the brunt of the NAZI army and they defeated the NAZI's long before D-day ever took place.

    But it was an american tank designer, John Walter Christie , who the Russians copied to manufacture the tank that defeated the NAZI's.

    The NAZI's latter produced more powerful tanks than the T 34, but they did not produce them in numbers that could defeat the Russians.

    Also the Russians would not have been able to defeat the NAZI's without US support. The US sent tanks, aircraft, arms, and FOOD to the Russians by ship. The Russians were very short on food even before the war, let alone during the war.

    But the reason the NAZI's could not produce enough tanks was caused by the US Air Force that leveled German factories during daytime bombing. This was added to by the night time bombing of the British. But the British had leveled many fields and forests during the night and also civilian cities. The US bombing was far more dangerous to the US air crews, but also had far more effect on industrial and military targets.

    This video and others like it make me very thankful to The Lord Jesus. I am so thankful that we will all be delivered from the evil of mankind and be able to be with Him forever.

    I post these videos to help everyone to give thanks to The Lord. When we give thanks, The Lord will make us feel thankful. Feeling thankful conforms us to His image.

    So it is good to be thankful. I do not see how anyone could watch this video and not be thankful to The Lord Jesus.

    Please post your observations and questions after the video.

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    I really encourage people to watch this video. There is much more than history here and history is much more than just records of what took place in the past. If the history told is true, then it is about TRUTH.

    It is a very important ability to be able to tell truth from lies. If one truly studies history they should learn how to tell truth from lies. By reading or watching an account of history we should be able to tell if the teller has a bias or not.

    If this account was told by a Russian who was also a communist, we would suspect the account to be told with a bias. BUT this account is told by someone who is not Russian or Communist so we would suspect no bias in favor of the Russians. Because the Communists are not looked upon with favor in the nation they are from.

    Also if one has studied many accounts of this event then they have a much better chance of telling the truth from the lies.

    BUT the important thing in this video is not the Russians, but how God moved in this event.

    If you watch and see the hand of God in it, please comment and tell us about it.