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    I suppose I have been negatively influenced by liberation theology – a theology which reinterprets all the biblical passages on freedom from sin, justice, judgment, and works of Jesus as primarily the political liberty from oppression on this earth before being applied allegorically in a spiritual sense. It has been the most influential in South America and the American black churches – where the current Pope is from and the last USA President and his pastor.

    Reading The Theology of Hope by Jürgen Moltmann or The Idea of God and Human Freedom by Wolfhart Pannenberg can be inspiring to the liberal mind just as was The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx. Such works offer insight into the problems of society while offering solutions. Moltmann and Pannenberg are inspirational even for those working for the establishment of a divine political kingdom on earth just as was the ideas of Marx seemed the solution to the economic oppression of his time. This is the reason there were many liberals in the west who became communist sympathizers in the hundred years after the publication of The Communist Manifest.

    Some “bleeding heart liberals,” as they were referred to, grasped either the ideas of Marx, Moltmann, or Pannenberg as humanistic solutions to social problems. However, these ideas offer secular answers to spiritual problems. The strength of their publications is not in the idealist solutions but in the attention focused upon abuse and oppression by society and politics.

    Given the influence these idealistic solutions have had on modern history remains discouraging.
    The world is abundant with stupidity and false claims.
    It seems those who posses the credentials to be considered smart are as often as not proven wrong by history.
    The political pilgrimage of my own beliefs started in childhood on the far right, moved to the far left by age thirty, and exited the zigzag course entirely by age fifty.
    There was a time that I thought Republican evils were easier to return to the
    genie bottle than were the democratic evils. History has proved that idea wrong.
    Things I thought were right in 1960 were the opposite in 1980.
    Observations exposed the futility of human endeavors.

    I suppose this recognition deprives me of much hope in my single vote which has never been determinative or that if it would have been, would it have made any difference? Of this one thing I am certain. If I were the absolute ruler, the world would be a mess, despite my honorable intentions to make it the Kingdom of God. Yet, I am expected to cast a wise vote while not being myself a wiseman. To do so, I would need to be able to recognize a wise leader while myself being rather stupid. I have very little confidence as being astute. Another thing I am certain of is this. I can always be certain I voted for the wrong man because the choice was not between right and wrong and only after the fact can I observe or guess which is the lesser of two evils.

    Should we look at the Book of Judges to find who was leading Israel? Or we might just read 1 Samuel 8:7?
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