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  • Someone Left the Door Unlocked...

    Hello, Lou!
    It has been a very long time, indeed. Perchance would I be welcome here after all these years?
    You know not what you do because you know not who He is.
    - Paul Washer
    Satan is the angel of knowledge and he does not waste his time on anything for no reason.
    - Lou Newton

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    Darn Jules, you are are more than welcome. I have never stopped loving you and never will. You have made my day.

    Please tell me by PM or email how you are doing and what has taken place in your life.

    I am now 76 and The Lord has blessed me far beyond my worth. This Saturday I lifted 720 pounds and did 3 shoulder shrugs with it. I still sprint the indoor track as fast as anyone at the Y. But the presence of The Lord Himself is my reward here on the earth.