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  • Baruch

    Greetings, brethren,

    First thing, go get ye that cup of coffee.

    Now sit here in this good place while I attempt to regale you.

    I hail from somewhere in the northeast United States. Beautiful country in the foothills of the Appalachians, it is easy to see God's creative genius in the land, its face and flower and fauna.

    I fancied many things in that land, most of them unprofitable and many pernicious. Thanks to the Lord Jesus and His unfathomable grace, I survived that period and, along an unlikely and tangled path, found the Lord in my 20's (or He led me). Challenged by the cares of the world, I was shortly lured away by Satan. A few decades later, and many more unprofitable and pernicious adventures, Jesus has called me back from the dead. How many times He delivered me from calamity I cannot even guess, but I imagine a lot; in honesty, it was probably much more. I'm sure you know that dodged-a-bullet feeling. Thanks be to God.

    I am now in the great northwest United States. The land's appearance is much like where I grew up, despite the significant differences in the seasons and the ocean on the wrong side. As you may know, being a student of the Holy Spirit, Baruch means "blessed" in Hebrew. I am blessed: with new life, new eyes, a new mind from our Saviour, and a wealth of delightful emerging discoveries. A new beginning with a promising future, getting to know the Lord better, and His children, my brothers and sisters.

    Coffee's getting cold.

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    Hi Baruch,
    Welcome to the fortress, and I'm glad you are here. Hey, I learned a new word from you, regale. I look forward to learning more from you in the future as well :razz:.

    Grace to you,



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      Hey Baruch, thanks for telling us something about yourself. I like learning about the lives of people. It helps to start to know them better.

      You can always add to this thread by telling us more.



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        Welcome Baruch

        You're crackin' me up, brother. Thanks for a wonderful intro. Looking forward to getting to know you. I'm just now heading down for that cup of coffee. May your time here be richly blessed.




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          Hello Baruch!

 What an Excellent Idea!

          Methinks you and I will be great friends!
          You know not what you do because you know not who He is.
          - Paul Washer
          Satan is the angel of knowledge and he does not waste his time on anything for no reason.
          - Lou Newton