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    I would just like to let people know that a movie will be premiering next week based on Pastor Richard Wurmbrand's life and best selling book 'Tortured for Christ'. It will be a limited one night showing but will be widespread over the U.S. Details of times and dates can be found at their website or by calling (800) 747-0085. Initial showings begin Mar 5th.

    Richard was a pastor in Romania when Stalin's Russian Communists invaded his country as spoils of WWII in 1945. Stalin had convinced the majority of church leaders that he was the 3rd of God's message bearers (Moses, Jesus, and Josef) and had replaced many crosses in houses of worship with the kinder and more understanding hammer and sickle. At a joint meeting of religious leaders and communists, and after enduring much Stalinistic propaganda, Richard's wife Sabina, sitting beside him, urged him to stand and to speak on the behalf of Jesus. Knowing that she was right, he turned to her and said "If I do, you'll lose your husband." Sabina, clenching his hand and bearing into his soul with her eyes, softly said, "I don't want a coward for a husband."

    Richard then stood and spoke in the direct contrast of the others before him, to the Kingship of Christ, and to the duty of all believers to bow the knee only to Him. Great cheers began to erupt as Richard spoke, and despite the efforts of the communists to shut him up, the tide of the meeting was turned that day.

    However, the mold for Richard and Sabina's life had also been cast that afternoon. He would spend 14 years in prison, being starved and tortured and much of it in solitary confinement. She was imprisoned for 3 years and told many times that her husband was dead. Their will to live another day was largely kept intact by desiring another opportunity to show their guards the gentle humility of a loving Jesus..perhaps win one into the Kingdom. "We liked to sing songs and hymns to our Lord, and the guards liked to beat us for we and they were both happy."

    This film is being brought to us by 'Voice of the Martyrs', a nonprofit ministry that the Wurmbrands started decades ago. Donations are used for persecuted believers and their families all over the world. I have found them to be of high integrity and not beggy or pushy for donations. They seem to truly believe that God will provide. Initial reviews and trailers of the film indicate a high quality production.
    I believe that it is very good for us in the States to see what true courage looks like. In our land of fearful, coddled sniveling wimps begging to be protected, it would be good for us to see what either taking or rejecting the Mark of the Beast is really all about. It is coming to a democratic republic near us very soon.

    "A man really believes not what he recites in his creed,
    but only the things he is willing to die for." (Pastor Richard Wurmbrand)

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    Thanks Roy. I hope to see this film, but do not know when or where it will be shown.

    I posted your post on my Facebook page and hope others will do the same. Just copy and paste the web address of Roy's post on your Facebook page.


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      Hi Lou! The film is being shown at Tinseltown in Boardman on Monday March 5th at 7:30. Let me know if you and Tom want to go with me. We might have to get tickets online prior.


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        Originally posted by RoyDavid View Post
        Hi Lou! The film is being shown at Tinseltown in Boardman on Monday March 5th at 7:30. Let me know if you and Tom want to go with me. We might have to get tickets online prior.
        Count me in Roy.


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          Seen this movie tonight with Roy, it was well worth seeing. It is difficult to relate to the hardships these people went through.

          Some were forced to watch their own son beat to death.