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British government orders 2 year old child must die !!

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  • British government orders 2 year old child must die !!

    This is where government health cares leads to. A father wants to take his 2 year old child to Italy to get treatment to save his life. But the British government ruled that the father can not take the child out of Britain; further the child must be disconnected from life support. Even when the child kept breathing when disconnected, they still will not allow the father to take his own son to another hospital in Italy.

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    Can you imagine the British government condemning the baby to die if it was the baby of Prince William ? Of course not, there is different treatment for the poor and the so called "Royals".

    Jesus preached against this kind of prejudice.

    This baby will not be treated this way in heaven. The last will be first and the first will be last.