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Facebook removed a comment about Islam and claims it is hate speech

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  • Facebook removed a comment about Islam and claims it is hate speech

    Below is a copy of the comment I posted on Facebook in reply to another post. Facebook removed it and said it was HATE SPEECH. All I did was quote what the Koran and Sharia laws says, and also what many Muslim witnesses state is taught in their Mosques. Also anyone can watch many videos of Imams teaching what I claim they teach. So to tell the truth about Islam is HATE SPEECH according to Facebook. Facebook simply does not allow freedom of speech. Liberal groups can call for the death of Trump, and others, and that is NOT Hate speech.

    This article is like most that are written about Islam. It believes whatever a group CLAIMS they believe. Many people CLAIM to follow Christ, but few actually do. As God says, all men are lairs. BUT Islam teaches Muslims that they should lie and deceive all non Muslims. They should enter a non Muslim nation and CLAIM they are peace loving people. BUT all the while they work to undermine that nation. Then when they have enough Muslims in that nation they are then taught to be violent and do terrorists acts. ALL Muslims believe in Sharia law. Sharia law states that no person has the freedom to act as he believes, but must follow the Sharia or be beheaded. Sharia teaches that any person that leaves Islam should be beheaded. It also teaches that anyone who will not convert to Islam should be killed. All who follow Sharia are terrorists, OR at least support terrorism. This article is written by a person who did not bother to learn what Islam even is. I have read the whole Koran and I know what is written in it. In the Koran, Allah states that he is the "Chief of all Deceivers". While Jesus states that he is The Truth. Of course the one who is CHIEF among DECEIVERS would deceive even those who follow him.