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Lou was in truck accident

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  • Lou was in truck accident

    I want to thank The Lord Jesus for protecting me and my friend, Roy.

    Thursday we went down close to Morgantown WV to look at an old Allison Chambers tractor that my friend was interested in.

    We towed a 3000# trailer down there to be able to bring it back with us if he purchased it. The day went very smooth. The tractor was exactly what we expected and Roy purchased it. It did not run and had a front loader on it, so it was not easy to get on his trailer. We also had a smooth trip back even through his truck was towing more than recommended.

    When we got back I drained the cooling system and took out the thermostat of my car. I discovered they had sold me the wrong one. Since my car did not run, Roy took me into town to exchange it. We had to unhook the trailer from his truck.

    We picked up the part and was returning back to his place. It was cold and the snow was blowing across the road in places. We came over a rise in the road when we seen the road was totally covered in ice on the other side of the rise. His truck started to head off the road. He corrected several times and each time it got worse, not better. We ended up going off the road backwards.

    I was stunned that the impact was so great. We hit an embankment and it was so cold that it was like hitting a concrete wall. I hit my head pretty hard.

    When I jumped out of the truck, I was waist high in snow. The police in our state give tickets for any kind of accident and they are not cheap. But to our surprise two young men came running up to our truck even before we got out.

    The one offered to go get his 4X4 pickup and try to pull us out. It was really buried in a deep ditch full of snow. You could not even see the tires on one side. I though to myself, he will never pull this truck out of this, it is buried so deep. I could tell he also did not think he could do it by the way he spoke.

    He was back in a very short time and we hooked them up. He had a good truck and he really knew how to drive it. Even more, he really went beyond the call of being a good Samaritan by abusing his truck pulling us out. He was smoking all four tires for quite a distance. We had traffic backed up on both sides of the road for a few minutes.

    But he got us out and we were gone before the police got there.

    To our amazement Roy's truck drove OK. When we got back to his shop, we found the damage was pretty small considering the impact. We both thought one side would be wiped out.

    I was very thankful for that miracle because Roy was taking me after a part for my car. I felt responsible.

    When I tried to finish my car, I found I was not preforming at full capacity. I got the thermostat in OK, but then poured the new anti freeze in the radiator without closing the petcock. I poured it out into the drain pan full of dirty coolant.

    I drove home with great care since I could tell I was not operating well. When I got home I was aware I had a headache.

    I never turn the stove burned on high and I have never once failed to set my timer so I will not forget what I put on the burner. But I turned the burner on high and did not set the timer.

    I went to my room and answered some emails. I got tired and went to bed leaving the pan on the burner.

    I awake several hours later by the smell of smoke. I walked out of my bedroom and I could not see across the living room for the smoke. I covered my mouth and nose and went to the kitchen to turn the stove off. It was a real mess. I opened a window and turned on the exhaust fan in the kitchen.

    I have let that fan run 24 hours since then, but my place still smells like smoke.

    I fractured my skull at five, and again at 11, and again at 19. I was in bed all summer with the concussion when I was 11. The one at 19 was by far the most serious. I broke the rim off the steering when with my arm, and then broke the steering column off the dash with my nose. The doctor who operated on me told me that not one person in 10,000 would have survived that accident. For the impact shoved the bones in my nose up toward my skull. That is the same blow that commandos use to kill their adversary. The bones pierce the skull and kill the opponent.

    I had to have another operation a few months later to repair the damage as much as possible. But I had severe complications for many years.

    I could see later that The Lord had prepared me for that accident. I was doing as many as 2500 pushups in a night. I was able to bench press over 300# and I only weighed 119#. That is the same muscles I used to soften the impact in that accident.

    So I am very thankful Roy's truck was not damaged worse than it was. I am also thankful that Roy was not hurt and that I was not hurt worse than I was.

    I keep expecting what I deserve. The Lord keeps showing me grace instead.

    Lou Newton

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    Lou, you scared me, brother. I send you a hug in a prayer.

    My sleep was continually disturbed last night for a long period. I didn't know why. But you came into mind. I am grateful the Lord intercedes for each of us, and wakes me to intercede for my brethren.

    Adding to your thanksgiving, I thank the Lord for the young men who rescued you and Roy from the ditch. They showed no small kindness toward you, and I count it towards me; and the Lord counts it towards Him. Bless them.

    I've had a head injury, loss of consciousness without a concussion. I know the confusion that follows and a pronounced urge to sleep. I had someone to care for me. I am so grateful the Lord is there to care for you, to heal and nurture and protect.

    God is great and full of mercy.


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      So I am very thankful Roy's truck was not damaged worse than it was. I am also thankful that Roy was not hurt and that I was not hurt worse than I was.
      Lou, you have no idea how thankful WE are that you and Roy were not hurt worse than you were!

      My husband and I used to work together before we were married. He dropped a computer room floor tile right on my head. OUCH!!! I found out, you really DO see stars! Still, that was nothing compared to what you've been through. I am so thankful to the Most High for taking care of you!
      You know not what you do because you know not who He is.
      - Paul Washer
      Satan is the angel of knowledge and he does not waste his time on anything for no reason.
      - Lou Newton


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        Man, I sure am glad to hear you and Roy are okay, Lou. God is full of grace and mercy. He's used and is using you to bless a lot of people.


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          Hey Barry, Julie, and Karl,

          thanks so much for the replies, the good thoughts and the prayers.................Lou


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            So grateful to learn that God has once again miraculously kept you safe in the midst of a trial. What an awesome God we serve! I'm beginning to suspect the enemy wants you dead. You sure do have a lot of close calls. God is so good.



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              Originally posted by Blane View Post

              So grateful to learn that God has once again miraculously kept you safe in the midst of a trial. What an awesome God we serve! I'm beginning to suspect the enemy wants you dead. You sure do have a lot of close calls. God is so good.

              Hi Blane, You are making me think myself. I was in my first auto accident when I was 6 months old. I can remember it pretty well. My Dad was driving the four of us down this big hill and ran out of gas. It was snowing very hard and he parked the car on the side of the road. There was no place to get off of the road. He walked to the next town to get gas. A big truck cane down the hill and was unable to stop. He hit our car in the rear and we went over this long steep embankment. We hit at the bottom and my mom was holding me in her lap. I could have been crushed by her weight against the dash of our car. The truck driver crawled down the embankment to see if we were alright. No one was hurt. Someone brought my dad back out with the gas and he called a tow truck to pull us up the embankment.

              I do not remember the truck drivers face, but I still remember he had a flashlight that he shinned into our side window. I think my Dad was driving a 1936 Olds 5 window coupe. It was grey with a flathead engine. I do not remember if it was a straight 6 or 8. I did not know at the time what a flathead was, but I later learned what one was and remembered that our engine was a flathead. My sister was standing behind the seat. There was no back seat. This was during WW2 and you could not buy a new car, and no one would part with the one they had.

              I remember years ago counting that I was involved in 21 accidents by then. I was a passenger in most of them.


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                Thank God you're alright, Lou.


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                  Originally posted by AGTG View Post
                  Thank God you're alright, Lou.
                  Thanks Jeff.

                  BTW, last weekend the friend who was driving the pickup that went off the road this winter with me in it, called and asked if I would help him tear down the engine of the tractor that we went after that day. It is a six cylinder turbo diesel engine.

                  Last weekend we removed the whole front end of the tractor, hood, radiator, grill, and the entire wheel and axle assembly.

                  Today we plastic gauged the rod bearings to check wear, plastic gauged the rear main bearing for wear, removed all six rods and pistons, and removed all six wet cylinder liners.

                  I had never worked on an engine with wet cylinder liners before yet alone removed them. But it went well and we got it all done in about half a days work.

                  He took me out for breakfast after my workout and we went to his garage afterwards. After we got done he took me out for dinner. But I was not counting on him paying me for the work. I told him he didn't have to pay me, but he said he wanted to.

                  That was a surprise and it sure helped. The Lord is sure full of mercy and grace.