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  • Ferguson Decision Fallout

    Denver had a few protesters out Monday night, less than 100 from estimates I've seen. Last night (Tuesday) resulted in a bit of a kerfluffle.

    Denver police pepper-sprayed a small group of protesters on Colfax Avenue on Tuesday in the second night of rallies opposing the grand jury's decision in the Michael Brown case.

    How is your town reacting?
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    Man, you guys got the pepper spray. Er, so did we.

    It seems the citizens were mostly happy to stay at home and smoke pot and watch their favorite "reality" TV, or go bar hopping. About 500 turned out to protest. There were some clashes with police, and a number of misdemeanor crimes. One news anchor called it "one of the largest and angriest" of the many he's covered in Portland. It was pretty tame. Honestly, Occupy Wallstreet had more local impact.

    Here is the coverage immediately following the Grand Jury announcement:

    One guy was arrested for loosing a stable of police horses a week prior to the announcement. It's unclear if it was related to the protest.
    Somebody broke into the Mounted Patrol barn in NW Portland and let the horses out. They were quickly recovered.

    On Tuesday night protesters and police clashed, seven arrested. Protesters blocked a downtown bridge and the Interstate ramp. Some who were interviewed stated they felt their protest was a significant accomplishment and a positive contribution towards change. At times like this I'm fond of quoting Lurch (Addams Family), "Uhhhhhhh..." KOIN 6's coverage of the aftermath:
    Part 1 -
    Part 2 -
    Part 3 -

    Yes, in part 1 you heard the photographer right, he really said "grassy knoll".

    The AMA Coalition for Justice and Police Reform had a rally Tuesday night. As you may know, they have a bent towards reacting strongly even if the police departments and Grand Juries effectively investigate the police conduct. (Eric Holder had his fingers in Furgeson, so I would not be surprised at a complete coverup and whitewash.)

    By and large, citizens here don't realize how good they have it. Compared to most police forces across the US, our police force has higher education requirements for entry, higher standards for conduct, a higher level of training, policies that are very considerate of the community, and an active community relations program. Yet the officers take a lot of guff from locals, only some of whom are youth. In every encounter I've had with local police the officer has been exceedingly polite. I have an easy respect for them.
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      Check this out, Julie.

      10 Signs That Ferguson Could Be The Start Of A Communist Revolution In America