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Red alert, S 1177 to debate in Senate on 7/7/2015

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  • Red alert, S 1177 to debate in Senate on 7/7/2015

    Strong words like Anti-God, Anti-family, Anti-liberty, Unelected Rulers/An End to Voting, Communism are being used regarding this act.

    This thing has been reworked and presented before, and killed by public interest and activism. It's being slipped in secretively this week. They don't want us to know about it. I'm learning about this late. Consequently I have only Monday 7/6/2015 to act. If you're learning about this from me, that means you're under the same time constraint.

    Please skim this article:
    There are links and videos to peruse if you have time.

    If you don't have much time, here is how I learned of this... View this excerpt from an interview of Charlotte Iserbyt on Thu, titled Next Week Congress Will Take Away Your Right To Vote (note, it is Senate not Congress). And here is the audio for the full hour.

    If you're like me you've been wondering what can I do to affect the course of government, and/or has what I've been doing been at all effective? Well, here's a very quick and easy way to be effective: call your senator at the number provided and parrot the key points made by Charlotte. This must be done or it may not be possible to be undone.

    Please forward this info far and wide, and urge your associates to action.

    (If any of this content is out of line for this site I apologize in advance. It is unusually urgent, in my opinion, and there isn't time to leisurely research and digest and sanitize.)

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    The end of the line

    Today is the last day to act on this. It could not be simpler. Here is some much appreciated coaching provided by Charlotte Iserbyt. I filled in a few mundane details.

    Call the Senate hotline switchboard at 202-224-3121. They will assist in identifying the Senator for your state if you don't have his/her name, and then forward you to the Senator's call center.

    I've become aware that the Senator will participate in a debate on Senate Bill 1177 tomorrow.
    I'm calling to urge the Senator to vote NO on Senator Lamar Alexander's Senate Bill 1177, because this bill contains proposals to establish various "school choice" programs for schools run by unelected boards. Unelected boards will take away our right to vote on all education issues.

    The nice person will probably say, "Ok. Thank you."

    If they ask what you propose instead, say:

    Vote NO on Senator Lamar Alexander's senate bill 1177,
    And introduce legislation to to get rid of the United States Department of Education
    And every agency that is providing funding for Health and Human Services, Soviet (POLYTECH) Work Force Training, Data Collection, and Mental Health

    Charlotte Iserbyt could not be clearer: This is Communism. Once this vote takes place you will have no say in anything, because there won't be an elected board to go to. This is the lynch pin for all our rights. The United States education budget is number one in spending before defense. If we give up our control over that budget and our children's education, what's left? Nothing. We won't be allowed to vote on anything, including abortion, euthanasia, and gun controls. The future depends upon guarding our rights as parents to direct the schooling of our children.

    If you want to listen to Charlotte present this it is the first link. She speaks for 35 minutes.
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      Hi Barry,

      I have been reading and watching all of the info about this.