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The "racist" phrases that got reporter Alison Parker murdered

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  • The "racist" phrases that got reporter Alison Parker murdered

    Many have said that the murderer, in the TV station murders, was a professional victim.

    Here are two of the phrases that the murderer wrote about in his letters, that Alison Parker used, that he claimed were racist.

    "swinging by the house" OR "swinging by the office"

    and "out in the field" OR "by the field" or "close to the field"

    The murder claimed that the the word SWINGING, was a racist remark, reminding everyone of the black lynchings, in which black people were left swinging on a rope.

    This might be somewhat understandable if the murder had a relative that was lynched and he saw it.

    He claimed that "out in the field" was reference to the slaves that had to work in the fields.

    This is just plain ridiculous. We would have to ban a large portion of the English language to keep any word from offending someone who is LOOKING to be offended.

    The problem is that we have a POTUS that is encouraging black people to look for an offence instead of looking to forgive all offences.

    Obama has stated, before he ran for POTUS, that he believed that all blacks in this nation should be paid reparations for slavery. I heard him say this with my own ears.

    The problem with this is two fold:

    There is no slave holder still living to pay those reparations.

    I have ancestors that fought to free the slaves. Should I get a reward for their actions ? Of course not. But Obama wants me to pay all blacks reparations.

    There is no black person alive that was held in slavery.

    You can not punish the descendants of the slave holders for the action of their ancestors. Plus only a few whites were slave holders.

    BUT the very first slave holder in the US was a black man, NOT a white man.

    ALSO it was black Africans that captured other black Africans and offered them for sale to Europeans.

    Yes, some people in the US, bought these people offered for sale (which was an evil deed); but slavery in the US was started by black Africans, NOT people from Europe.

    So is Obama going to try to also punish the descendants of the black Africans that sold other Africans. Many who he is bringing into our nation as we speak are from those nations that sold these slaves.

    This whole agenda of Obama is evil and not good. It is not right to punish the children for the sins of their fathers.

    But even more, this is NOT a BLACK vs WHITE issue.

    It is an EVIL vs GOOD issue.

    It is not just to go around judging all people with white skin as guilty of slavery.

    Just as it is not right to claim all people with black skin are victims of slavery.

    Grace to you
    Lou Newton
    [email protected]