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Obama is supporting Hamas which is simply a terrorist group

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  • Obama is supporting Hamas which is simply a terrorist group

    Here is a video that Steve sent me. I do not think he is able to post yet due to problems with his computer.

    So I will post it:

    Obama is sending millions to Hamas during a war with Israel.

    Obama closed all air travel from the US to Israel claiming it was because of danger. But planes were shot down in Pakistan and Ukraine and he did not stop air travel from the US to these nations. He did this to pressure Israel to accept the terms of the cease fire that Kerry proposed.

    Kerry proposes cease fires every time Israel has Hamas backed against the wall. These cease fires are to take the pressure off of Hamas and give them time to regroup.

    The US will pay a steep price for supporting a terrorist group that wants to destroy Israel.

    Lou Newton

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    The media, as well as political figures, have been working hard to legitimize this terrorist group as if it's a reasonable political entity.

    Their charter basically demands the utter destruction of the only free nation in the Middle East (Israel). This group is not to be negotiated with, even if the Palestinians elected them (which I'm suspicious if they even legitimately did so because they have such little value for their own people).