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General Blackjack Pershing's way to deal with Islamic murders

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  • General Blackjack Pershing's way to deal with Islamic murders

    Trump spoke about this lately. We had an extreme problem with Muslim terrorist in the Philippines.

    When Pershing caught 50 of these terrorist who had murdered; this is what he did to them.

    This was after watching many of his men die and also innocent people die.

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    Wow. Pershing knew his enemy well. What an awful task to have to apply oneself to. It must require the knowledge that the alternatives are worse, and the raw grit to see it through.


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      Migration and Shariah by Bill Warner, 4 minutes

      It is taking us very long in "peacetime" to learn what Pershing learned relatively quickly in wartime. Pershing's lesson has been largely forgotten, and disbelieved in the face of evidence.


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        The Mideast used to be Christian. North Africa was mainly Christian. The Muslims took over these areas by force of arms. Anyone who failed to convert were beheaded.

        When Muhammad went to war with a area of Jews, he lined up the men and beheaded them all. Many of these he did the actual act himself.

        We have a Muslim in the White House and he is bringing in millions of Muslims as we speak.

        Maybe the one world government will be the Muslims, not the super rick Caucasian bankers as most think.

        The people of Europe are disarmed and will not be able to fight against the Muslims they are leaving in their nations by the millions. The only nation that might be able to stand for a while is Switzerland. Every able male has to be in the armed forces. They all have their weapons at home.

        That is why Obama is trying to disarm the people of the US. The weapon they want to take away is the one that is the most useful to defend one's home ( the magazine fed semi auto - AR's and other rifles like them)
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