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Hillary clinton; a career criminal

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  • Hillary clinton; a career criminal

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    Meanwhile the media ignores the criminal and makes fun of the billionaire with the ego.


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      Hillary Clinton - Career Criminal part 2


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        We have a group of men in this nation called the mafia where people who associate with them or oppose them happen to end up dead. One can deduct that when, so many that they associate with, or that oppose them, end up dead, it is can not be a coincidence.

        If one counts the number of people that have been associates with the Clinton's, or have opposed the Clinton's, that have ended up dead, it is about 50. I find that impossible for me to believe that is coincidence. When I closely examine the circumstances of those deaths it is even more sure to me that there are cover ups involved in the deaths of these people.

        It seems to me that the people of this nation have elected a man, and now are considering a woman, for the highest office in the land, that are both guilty of murder.

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