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Is Paris in a state of war ?

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  • Is Paris in a state of war ?

    Barry sent me this video with this message:

    I thought this would interest you, Lou. Locals report on youtube, and
    alt media reports that Paris has been like this for months.
    There is a
    media blackout of all the problems, demonstrations, and riots. Begs a
    question: why do they not want us knowing about this? It is absolutely
    newsworthy. Begs another question: Do they eventually want this same
    thing happening here?

    This is not Muslim immigrants vs. the people. This is "govt" vs. the people.

    Thanks Barry. We can see from the video that this is absolutely news worthy.


    That in itself proves that something underhanded in going on and our government and news media is involved in some way, if only in the cover up.

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    Thanks for posting this, Lou.

    This is one of many such videos on youtube. You'll probably see more like it in the suggested videos.

    The establishment seems to want us focused on the military theatrics of the Middle East and the UN's "solutions", and the boogieman ISIS that it created, and the domestic social conflicts it creates and fans in the media.

    It doesn't want our watchful eyes on Europe. This suggests to me that the global crime syndicate pretending to be government doesn't have a handle on Europe, and wants to be the one that tells the story to us, or keeps us entirely in the dark so we'll be blindsided by it like Paris was.

    Just connecting a dot. Remember the nightclub shooting in Paris. These police actions are like the advanced stage of what happened in Orlando.