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FBI search warrant says Hillary's emails put the US at "exceptionally grave danger"

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  • FBI search warrant says Hillary's emails put the US at "exceptionally grave danger"

    December 21, 2016 FBI search warrant: Hillary Clinton put US at 'exceptionally grave' risk By J. Marsolo

    The release of the FBI's warrant, dated October 20, 2016, to seize and search a laptop computer related to Hillary's emails again confirms and reminds us that Hillary put our national security at "exceptionally grave danger" by her use of a private email server to conduct State Department business. Obama knew about her use but did nothing to stop it.

    The application for the warrant contains an affidavit of probable cause that details the reasons for the warrant. Paragraph 20 of the affidavit states that Hillary turned over to the State Department 30,499 emails in response to a records request from the State Department. The Department then reviewed these emails in response to a FOIA request. After review, the State Department announced on February 20, 2016 that 2,115 emails contained "classified" information; 2,028 of the 2,115 contained "confidential" information; 65 of the 2,115 contained "secret" information; and 22 of the 2,115 contained "top secret" information. Paragraph 21 of the affidavit states that the U.S. government concluded that the unauthorized disclosure of the 2,028 "confidential" emails could cause "damage" to national security, unauthorized disclosure of the 65 "secret" level emails could cause "serious damage" to national security, and unauthorized disclosure of the 22 "top secret" emails could cause "exceptionally grave damage" to national security.

    We do not know the contents of the 33,000 emails Hillary destroyed. But the inference is she destroyed them because she considered them damaging to her. Obama, Hillary, and their cheerleaders in the MSM have bombarded us since the election with claims of Russian "interference" with our election. They claim that this endangers our national security. In plain English, this means that Obama and Hillary are upset that someone hacked and released the emails of John Podesta and the DNC that show that Hillary lied, that Obama lied when he said he learned from the TV news about Hillary's use of the private email server, and that Hillary sold access to the State Department. Hillary and Obama view informing the public of their lies and corruption as "interference" with the election that endangers our national security.

    The Democrats, aided by the usual suspects John McCain and Lindsey Graham, demand an investigation about the hacking. Hillary, according the U.S. government, put our national security at risk for "damage," "serious damage," and "exceptionally grave damage." Obama knew that Hillary was using a private email server that endangered our national security. But Obama, Hillary, the Democrats, and the MSM complain that someone released emails that show that Hillary and Obama lied and Hillary sold access to the State Department. This level of hypocrisy is beyond description.

    In this alternative universe, informing the public about the truth of Hillary and Obama is a serious offense. Hillary believes that the hacking and release of the emails is an attack on her campaign that is the same as an attack on our country, and Harry Reid believes that it is the same as the September 11 attack.

    Hillary and Obama risked "exceptionally grave danger" to our national security, which did not even disqualify Hillary from being the nominee of the Democratic Party for president. Thank God for Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and the other battleground states. Hillary should have been indicted.

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