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Please pray for one of my very best friends

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  • Please pray for one of my very best friends

    I met this young lady who was treating my shoulder pain from a separated muscle. We became friends and we spend time together yet today. I have come to love her like I would a daughter. She is a very compassionate and honest person. Her father died when she was a teenager and she has no siblings. She was brought up in a house that used drugs and alcohol and she started using drugs when she was 13.

    She stopped using heroin on her own without any help. She also stopped using alcohol on her own. She stopped smoking but then started again when her mother got non-small-cell lung cancer and she thought her mother was going to die.

    I prayed for her mother when they sent her home because they could do nothing more for her. The Lord healed her of the cancer. But now my friend is trying very hard to quit smoking and has been unable to do so.

    So would you please pray and ask Jesus to help her to stop smoking.

    One of her best friends just died from drug use and she had to speak at her funeral. Last night she called and asked me to pray for her stepdad who had a stroke last night. Please pray for him.