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Please pray for Karl

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  • Please pray for Karl

    Karl had an accident at work. Something fell on him and broke his glasses and gave him a black eye. He noticed that he had a spot that had no vision and went to the eye doctor. He has a detached retina and needs surgery.

    Walmart ( his employer) says they will not pay for the surgery and he is quite concerned.

    Please pray that The Lord gives him wisdom and guidance to go to the right doctor and the right lawyer to get good advice.

    I pray that The Lord guides the mind, eyes and hands of the eye doctor who operates on his eyes. I pray that he finds a Christian lawyer that gives him good advice.

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    Amen Lou and he might try the labor board. The law forces the employer to carry compensation insurance so the employee receives both medical care and temporary pay aka. Compensation. I will pray for Karl. Blessings. .... Steve


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      Praying for you, Karl.


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        Thanks so much, everyone. I injured myself at work last week. Like Lou said, I have a detached retina and need eye surgery because of it. My company said they aren't paying for it and it's on me. I don;t really know what to do and need wisdom in this area. I don;' want to have the surgery and it be considered a settlement, but at the same time, I really, really want my vision back. Please pray that God gives me wisdom to handle this and that the surgery goes well when I have it.


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          Karl needs our prayers. His eye had a large black spot in it, but it has healed and Karl can see well now.

          BUT the manager at Walmart has refused to file a Workmen's Comp claim to pay for Karl's eye surgery, and his loss of wages while his eye was healing.

          Please pray for Karl to get justice and also find a new job at a place that will treat him better.

          Hopefully Karl will post and tell us more about this.


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            Will be praying for Karl and for justice. The Lord loves justice and mercy. I can't see anything other than the Lord being glorified by a just outcome. Don't give up Karl....... Steve


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              You will continue to be in my prayers, Karl.


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                Walmart is trying to say that Karl did not injure his eye in the accident at work.

                His eye was fine before being hit in the eye.

                His retina was detached right after and he had a black eye.

                Please pray that Karl gets mercy and justice.

                Please pray that Karl will speak the truth and speak up for himself.


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                  I'll be praying for Karl.


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                    I'm still praying for you, brother Karl.