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Please pray for my brother Greg

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  • Please pray for my brother Greg

    My brother works for a local 24 hour convenience store. He is 64 and is not is good health. He actually runs from the back storage area to the front to restock goods all night and waits on customers too. He is there by himself. Some time ago he broke a bone in his foot at work and walks on that broken foot and it is swollen and looks terrible. Last night he fell on the cement floor and he has bad bruises on his hip, his ankle, his elbows and knees. I have encouraged him to apply for Workman's Comp, but he says that when anyone makes a claim they are fired immediately. He does not know how he would pay his bills while he waits for the claim to be settled.

    His car also has a very bad wheel bearing. I replaced the one on the drivers side this summer and it was very difficult for me to do. The bolts are very rusty after 18 years. I have broke my shoulder and I know I am unable to replace his wheel bearing with my injury.

    I have talked to his customers and they all tell me he is the one only who works at that store. I am told the rest of the employees do not restock anything and leave it all for Greg to do at night. He has done this for years but is getting older and is unable to do this all now.

    Please pray for him.

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    I am pretty overwhelmed trying to help the people that the Lord sends my way. I can not do all the things I used to do because of my broken shoulder. I am also really short of funds to buy Bibles, gas, food, and money to help these people. Please pray for my these people.


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      Please pray for my brother Greg today.


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        I visited my brother yesterday and talked to him on the phone today. Please keep praying for him. Please pray that my shoulder heals quickly so that I will be able to help others better.


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          Please remember to pray for Greg today.