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Please pray for Jerry

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  • Please pray for Jerry

    I have been telling this man, Jerry, about The Lord Jesus for years. I see him often when I walk and run at Mill Creek. Over the years he has went from interested, to do not talk to me anymore, to the last time we seen each other he walked with me for miles and had many questions.

    I have prayed with him many times. The last time we met I told him I would bring him a Bible to his house. He said he would like me to do that. I like to take the Tyndale Living Bible to people because I have far better results with it. I gave the last one I had to the two Jewish ladies and I do not have any more of them right now.

    This man is very tormented and needs our prayers.

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    Jerry speaks often about "aliens" that persecute him and cause him much trouble. Jesus sought out the man who was oppressed by a legion of demons. I could use your prayers to help me minister to this man.


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      Please pray for Jerry today.


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        Please remember to pray for Jerry today.


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          Jerry needs our prayers today, thanks.