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Please pray for Miss Barrow and Miss Barton

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  • Please pray for Miss Barrow and Miss Barton

    I walked 5 miles in a part of the park today that is flat and is the safest trail in the park. I seen these two young women, that I first assumed to be Mennonites, and we spoke to one another. I was surprised to see them stop and talk, and then seen their name tags that they were Mormons.

    I preached about Jesus and The Bible to them for about an hour and they listened intently. I testified about several miracles that Jesus did for me, and many experiences with Him. I told them I had read the entire Book Of Mormon and found many errors in it. I told them about seeing the original Book of Mormon at the Kirtland Temple and seen four places where Jesus was called God Almighty in it. Those places have been removed by the Mormons of Salt Lake City.

    Please pray for these two young women that they can't get these questions out of their mind and start to seek the Truth.