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Can science prove that the earth once stopped rotating

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  • Can science prove that the earth once stopped rotating

    Can science prove that the earth once stopped rotating, as mentioned in the Bible during the time Joshua?
    Lou Newton
    Lou Newton, former Steel Mill Crane Designer and Physics Teacher
    Answered just now

    The Bible does NOT say that the Earth stopped rotating. It says the sun stopped in the sky for some time. I prayed about this and asked God to show me how He did this, for it seemed so impossible. For God does not break His own laws.

    I was in Physic class when I stated that the day on Mercury was longer than itís year. I got laughed at. So I proved it with math, that the day on Mercury was 2 Mercury years long. I looked it up and it had just been proven by studies about Mercury that it took 176 earth days to rotate one rotation and it took 88 earth days to go around the sun.

    Further they discovered this: during a Mercury day the sun STOPS in the sky if you are standing in the right place. If you are standing in another place, the sun stops and then goes back down and then comes up again. Now Mercury does not stop rotating and the sun does not change itís position in reality. This is caused by Mercury speeding up as it approaches the sun and then slowing down as it goes away from the sun. This is caused by itís elliptical orbit. But it reveals the possibility that the sun can seem to stop in the sky of a planet if the person is in the right place.

    Now Earthís orbit is not as elliptical as the orbit of Mercury. BUT if a very dense body approached the Earth in that time the sun seemed to stop in the sky, it could cause the sun to seem to stop in the sky by itís strong force of gravity pulling on the earth and speeding up itís orbit speed around the sun. After that body passed it would slow the orbit speed of the Earth back to itís original speed.

    We see a similar situation with retrograde motion of some planets from earth. They seem to stop and go backwards and then go forward again. It is an effect caused by the Earth passing these planets as we both orbit the sun.