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Why do schools insist on teaching only evolution?

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  • Why do schools insist on teaching only evolution?

    Why do schools insist on teaching only evolution? Are they scared that children will eventually realize creationism is the truth and their evolutionist propaganda will fail?

    Lou Newton
    Lou Newton, former Steel Mill Crane Designer and Physics Teacher

    There are serious questions concerning evolution and I agree the people who support the theory are scared on the truth. I taught high school for 7 years and was not a biology teacher. But when asked about evolution I was allowed to answer their questions. I only asked my students a question in return:

    If the origin of new species came through evolution over many millions of years by very small changes over this time; then this question arises: We have many thousands of fossils of dinosaurs. But most of the millions of years were taken up by animals that were at first mostly dinosaur and a little bit bird, then less and less dino and more and more bird. Since most of the time was taken up by transition forms then most fossils by far should be transition fossils. We should have way more transition fossils than dino fossils. But that is simply not the case. The fossil record does not support the Darwin theory of the origin of new species.

    See these videos where scientist voice their opposition to Darwin because of new mathematical evidence: