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A different approach to disease

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  • A different approach to disease

    Truth has proven to be very illusive. Jesus told us that few would find it. This has been proven true over the years. Almost all of science thought the earth was the center of our solar system and the whole universe. This is simply NOT true. We have a medical system and Big Pharma that try to solve our diseases with drugs that have proven to be very poisonous to us. This Doctor has a very different approach to the whole question of disease. VERY VERY interesting to say the least.

    I will say the system this Doctor uses has worked very well for me. I did not know this Doctor but The Lord led me to do many things he is doing.

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    This doctor gives a very good example in the video:

    Back in the 1700's there was an epidemic in the British Royal Navy. One man would get deathly sick and then more and more sailors would also get ill till the whole crew was ill. This spread all throughout the British Navy. Was this a bacteria or a virus that was causing this illness. Many men died of this illness. Then a ship stopped at a southern island and they picked some citrus and the men ate the fruit. They all recovered vey quickly. This illness was not caused by a bacteria or a virus. It was caused by lack of vitamin C. It was scurvy.

    It is impossible to tell if a disease is caused by bacteria, virus, starvation, poison, or mental stress without very exhaustive studies. These are simply not done and men make assumptions instead.