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Sun Has Likely Entered New Phase, Say Astronomers

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  • Sun Has Likely Entered New Phase, Say Astronomers

    Many who claim to be prophets have claimed that the sun is going to soon cause much destruction on the earth with it's sun spot activity.

    Also many that claim to be scientists claim that the earth is going to warm several degrees and cause much destruction.

    Below is the link to an article about some scientists that claim to have discovered that the sun is entering an era of no sun spots and will also cool and so the earth may also cool.

    We will see what will happen. But so called prophets and scientists are not in control, God is in control.

    All mankind can predict one thing and God can cause the opposite to take place.

    The Sun has likely already entered into a new unpredicted long-term phase of its evolution as a hydrogen-burning main sequence star --- one characterized by magnetic sputtering indicative of a more quiescent middle-age. Or so say the authors of a new paper submitted to The Astrophysical Journal Letters.

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    There they go throwing around that word Evolutionary again. It's like a black-n-blue eye, I just can't help but notice it.

    CERN is very powerful. From the coincident graphs and images I've seen it seems to affect sunspots and CMEs. It also affects the Earth's magnetosphere in a very alarming and dangerous way that seems reckless. Even Hawking has made some cautionary statements. They are making a bigger CERN, in China if I recall correctly.

    If they really wanted to help the Earth, they would rein in all the mega-corporations that are destroying the Earth. But that would be counter to Satan's agenda.

    And we mud men, whose lives pass by in a flash, are proud and delusional if we think we can observe anything on such a grand scale as a supposed "evolution". Considering CERN's potential impact, we could more properly call it a revolution (i.e. revolt). Just my opinion.

    God is in control! I'll believe His promises rather than men. Amen and hallelujah.


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      The Son is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.


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        Originally posted by Baruch View Post
        The Son is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
        Amen Barry