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Did God use evolution to create the plants and animals ?

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  • Did God use evolution to create the plants and animals ?

    Here is a site that many people read. I comment on it often. If you would like to help out, your help would be appreciated.

    Her are some of my posts so far today:

    In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth - Look up and the heavens contain EVERYTHING except the earth. So all matter and energy were created in the beginning, or the big bang. Let there be light was when the Sun started to produce light. One translation reads,( 4th day) “let the sun and moon APPEAR in the sky”. We know that the sun was giving light to the earth but could not be seen with the eye because of all the dust in between. The solar wind cleared this dust out and the sun “appeared” in the sky. The DAYS are NOT about time at all, they are about LIGHT. God defines the day - there was darkness and then there was light, God called the LIGHT day. We still use the word day like that today - is it day or night out? - Do not judge The Bible by ignorant people who do not understand it. Genesis 1 is an accurate account of the creation and was written 3500 years ago. Moses got the first five events in the right order and there is one chance in 120 to do that by random chance. But Moses got the first 12 events correct and there is one chance in 479 million to get that correct by random chance. Isaac Newton said The Bible was totally true and he discovered far more than any of these fools that claim the Bible is fable. Newton wrote more about The Bible than he did science. Newton said his hobby was science and his life work was studying the Bible. But today we have people who have never even read The Bible one time, let alone a lifetime, give opinions about it. What would you call a person who gave an opinion about a book they never read ?
    The Bible clearly says God used evolution to create mankind;” Let the earth produce the plants” and later “let the earth produce the animals”.