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  • Bigger fonts

    This was requested to help readers who have trouble with the default font size. I've created some child themes to test bigger fonts.

    If you want to select another theme you'll find them in the menu at the bottom of the page.

    The font-adjusted theme is the Orange Purple theme, enumerated +2, +4, and +6 to indicate the point size relative to the default font size.

    I notice this customization isn't handled perfectly, but it does improve the areas where folks probably spend the most time reading. I think the quirks will be tolerable for most people:
    * Some input fields, like the topic title, don't size properly and cut off part of some of the letters.
    * Some areas of the theme are not adjustable. These probably need to be hacked in the theme. The cloud service where we are hosted won't allow me to do that.
    * If a successive number of themes are sampled (by picking repeatedly from the menu) the menu locks up. You can work around this by clicking any link on the site to open another page, and then the menu resumes working.


    If anyone finds a favorite theme and wants me to tweak the font size, send me a PM.

    You may notice your My Profile page let's you customize the theme. This only affects your My Profile page, not the forum area.

    Finally, if some parts of the site are still too small to read, you have the option of using your web browser settings to adjust how it displays text. The instructions would be peculiar to the web browser you use. It should be easy enough to find how-to articles on the web, e.g.