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  • Experimental: Autosave is turned off

    Originally posted by Fisherman View Post
    Great points Lou. Sorry - but I think my PC is acting up. I wrote something else to post here and then it somehow was automatically discarded. I inevitably got a repeated "Invalid Server Response" pop-up message on my screen, and when I click on that it kept taking me back to the main forum page. When I finally got back to this section, everything I wrote was no longer there. Then a message appears and says "Previously entered content was automatically saved. Restore or discard." So I click restore but then nothing shows up. Gone. Not sure what that is all about.
    This appears to be a bug in autosave, Tom. VB tech support made a change to alleviate the issue but I have seen that it still happens if one takes too long to submit a post. Usually that popup is just annoying and does not cause a post to be lost; but in my opinion a few times is too many. To the person losing a batch of work once is too many.

    I have disabled the autosave feature completely. The risk is if your browser or computer crashes, or you accidentally close the page, you will lose a post in progress; but it seems people are prone to lose posts to this bug more often than to other failures.

    To pick up the new setting, everyone will (I think, not sure) need to reload the page via the browser's reload button. For certain you'll pick up the new setting by logging out and logging in to a new session. VB support advised me to always click the "Remember me" check box when you log in--this has not made that issue go away, but it turns on cookies and maybe has other benefits. With autosave turned off, hopefully that issue will go away now: shoo bug.


    If you are still getting these "Invalid Server Response" popups please let me know. A PM to me or posting in Troubleshooting and Suggestions (this forum area) is preferred. I want to find a workaround for this so that people won't continue to lose valuable thoughts and time re-posting from scratch.

    When working on a lengthy message in a web browser it is always wise to save/checkpoint your input into a notepad, or at least copy it to the clipboard (Control-A to highlight all, then Control-C to copy). Technology is becoming more reliable, but if it were highly reliable I would be out of a job.

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    We'll see how that works. Thanks Barry for all you do here.


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      Thanks Barry. You are certainly not out of work here or at your job in the world. Computers are built and operated by men, so they will never be perfect. You will always have a job.