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I sit beside the fire and think

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  • I sit beside the fire and think

    By JR Tolkien, from The Fellowship of the Ring
    Performed by Adele McAllister

    I sit beside the fire and think of all that I have seen
    Of meadow-flowers and butterflies in summers that have been;
    Of yellow leaves and gossamer in autumns that there were,
    With morning mist and silver sun and wind upon my hair.

    I sit beside the fire and think of how the world will be
    When winter comes without a spring that I shall ever see.
    For still there are so many things that I have never seen:
    In every wood in every spring there is a different green.

    I sit beside the fire and think of people long ago
    And people who will see a world that I shall never know.
    But all the while I sit and think of times there were before,
    I listen for returning feet and voices at the door.

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    I discovered this verse recently, seemingly by accident, and loved it immensely. Today however, as I helped transition my mom from an assisted living facility into a new memory care unit, it all seemed so much more poignant. Perhaps it was as I watched her own life's fire being reduced to flickering embers..and the loneliness of it all. What worth are the ashes left at the end? What are the results of her loving kindness for 80 some years? Where now are all the people that she joyfully nurtured and loved? The ones she diligently cleaned for, sewed for, prepared for, sacrificed for, and always worried for..where are they when now she needs someone? Did any of it really matter or make any difference?

    I held her hand as she softly sobbed in tears the words that she wasn't able to speak..and glad that my own selfish indifference could be overcome, momentarily at least, to be with her.

    As a father pities his children,
    So the Lord pities his children,
    So the Lord pities those who fear Him.
    For He knows our frame;
    He remembers that we are dust.
    As for man, his days are like grass;
    As a flower of the field, so he flourishes.
    For the wind will pass over it, and it will be gone,
    And its place remembers it no more. (Psalm 103:13-16)

    This will be written for the generation to come,
    That a people yet to be created may praise the Lord.
    For He looked down from the height of His sanctuary;
    From heaven the Lord viewed the earth,
    To hear the groaning of the prisoner,
    To loose the appointed to death,
    To declare the name of the Lord in Zion,
    And His praise in Jerusalem,
    When His people are gathered serve the Lord. (Psalm 102:18-22)

    The mercy of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting
    On those who fear Him,
    And His Righteousness to children's children,
    To such as keep His covenant,
    And those who remember His commandments to do them. (Psalm 103:17-18)


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      Roy, The Lord Jesus did not miss even one kind act that your mother did. Every kind act we do is for Him and He will reward us for every single one. Even those missed by everyone but Him.


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        Great point Lou. True love is never wasted, unappreciated, or unrewarded where Jesus is concerned..and He is ALWAYS concerned!